Digital Experience & Optimization

Supporting Business Process Optimization

Our experience-led offerings cross the entire customer and employee life cycle and drive value across the organization. We focus on the digital interactions between customers, employees, and companies while supporting business processes to optimize.

Customer Experience: Make Customers Your Advocates!

Delivering exceptional customer experience (CX) requires a deep understanding of the most valuable experiences along the customer journey.

Our Services Include:

  • Content Management — Develop and deliver content seamlessly across different marketing channels and social media.
  • Building Personas — Gather relevant data about your target audience’s interests and behavior to build more accurate profiles.
  • Personalization — Automate changes to your content based on audience insights, including language optimization and targeting different regions or states.
  • Mapping the Customer Journey — Tracking the customer journey across channels and touchpoints gives a fuller picture of customer experience and opportunities to optimize the journey, as well as things like customer engagement and customer loyalty.
  • Performance Analytics — More data about the customer journey and the digital marketing landscape across channels provides more performance insights. Linking specific marketing initiatives and audience behavior to sales helps you determine the real ROI of your efforts.

Employee Experience: Make Work Better

We help businesses simplify critical employee journeys and empower them by taking an integrated approach using intelligent technology.

Experience Transformation

Our employee experience transformation solutions combine human-centered design with best-in-class technical capabilities. This combination helps eliminate siloed experiences and supports employee productivity.

Business Process Optimization: Know Your Process

We leverage traditional Lean Six Sigma methodologies combined with intelligent technology.

Process Improvement

We work with organizations to help improve and stabilize their business processes to support further digital transformation efforts using methodologies including task mining, process mining, and data analytics.