Intelligent Automation (IA)

What makes IA so valuable?  

IA executes business processes automatically on behalf of knowledge workers. 

  • It is initially delivered through Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platforms and is extended to additional use cases through Artificial Intelligence (AI).  
  • IA increases process speed, reduces costs, enhances compliance and quality, increases process resilience, and optimizes decision outcomes.  

Why is IA the future? 

IA leverages a new generation of software-based Automation. 

  • Automation is achieved by mimicking the capabilities that knowledge workers use in performing their work activities (e.g., language, vision, execution, and thinking & learning).  
  • IA aims to achieve a business outcome through a redesigned automated process with minimal human intervention.  
  • IA ultimately improves customer and employee satisfaction and boosts revenues. 


Robotic Process or Desktop Automation (RPA or RDA)

Task Mining

Process Mining

Optical Character
Recognition (OCR)


Machine Learning

Workflow Automation

Conversational AI (Natural Language Processing/Generation)

Our IA Services

We offer a range of services to support organizations in any part of their automation journey.

Strategy & Research

Leverage our comprehensive and in-depth experience with up-to-date industry research to gain a better understanding of the technology available, the talent needed to support it, and what it can do for your business.


  • Assess automation opportunities.
  • Select the right set of technologies.
  • Define the operating model.
  • Build the strategic roadmap.
  • Build the business case model.
  • Evaluate talent and provide upskilling.


Engage our triedandtested IA@Scale method for implementation services at any point in the IA lifecycle, from proof of concept to pilot to large-scale deployment. We utilize trusted, leading-edge platforms to implement a comprehensive and sustainable automation solution. 


  • Design automation solutions for your process areas. 
  • Design and implement an appropriate Automation Center of Excellence (CoE). 
  • Embed our resources within the CoE until it achieves the desired maturity. 
  • Utilize the CoE to scale automation within the organization. 
  • Provide data on business processes to identify automation opportunities. 
  • Measure the impacts of automation programs. 

    Operate & Manage

    Utilize our experience and practiced subject-matter experts to ensure the health of your automation program. As the automation scales, monitoring and management become necessary. We provide this as-a-Service or assist organizations in setting up and delivering their own in-house capabilities. 


    • Develop ongoing monitoring and maintenance procedures. 
    • Provide routine upgrades to keep automation up-to-date 
    • Audit advanced analytics to monitor efficiency and effectiveness. 
    • Train your team to take over automation maintenance.