Project Case Study:

Main Digital Provides UiPath RPA Development and Managed Services

Case Study at a Glance

  • Client: National financial services company
  • Industry: Finance
  • Size: Medium (50 to 999 employees)
  • Main Digital Services: Main (Automate) MethodSM UiPath Robotics Process Automation (RPA)
  • Methodologies & Tools: UiPath Robotics Process Automation (RPA)
  • Summary:  The client used Main (Automate) MethodSM to enable the development and enhancements of UiPath automations for legacy systems and the subsequent migration to a modernized API-driven approach with Salesforce
Robot finger on blurred background using digital RPA interface


The client engaged Main Digital to support its UiPath Robotics Process Automation (RPA) program by providing development and enhancement support using the Main (Automate) MethodSM.


The client team initially engaged Main Digital experts to provide tactical support to build an internal RPA program. The client sponsor realized they lacked the capability and experience to effectively lead, scale and stabilize their automation program. Main Digital was able to pivot to provide a comprehensive managed solution that included project management, governance, and standardization to the automation efforts in close collaboration with the client team.

Main Digital Solution  

The Approach 

The client wanted to focus on the automation of legacy systems to provide operational relief for business stakeholders within their customer acquisition business function. A significant backlog needed to be processed, and the business teams were consistently overwhelmed with requests, which led to the creation of the solution and quicker response times for their potential customers.

Main Digital’s approach was to support the client’s strategic objectives and continue to serve as a flexible partner as those business objectives evolved (i.e., transition from multiple delivery models). Hyper communication and collaboration were critical in ensuring this engagement was successful.

The Process 

First, Main Digital provided a team that included our senior onshore UiPath experts to deploy the Main (Automate) MethodSM to stabilize the work in progress and set the foundation for successful automation. During this time, Main Digital made significant progress in the development and migration efforts.

Once the program was stable and operating efficiently, Main Digital could transition to a delivery model with a mix of onshore and offshore support, which enabled the client teams to continue to benefit from Main (Automate) MethodSM while accelerating time to value for our clients.

The Outcome 

During the engagement, the client prioritized onboarding legacy application functions to Salesforce. Because Salesforce was still in development, the team collaborated with the client to communicate any roadblocks as they arose. This led to many challenges and required close alignment with client leadership to effectively communicate risks/issues, status updates, etc., in a timely fashion for engagement to continue progressing.

Main Digital used UiPath software to automate both the legacy and modernized systems. Within Salesforce, the automation now could be purely API-driven rather than UI-driven, significantly reducing errors/exceptions and processing time. The automations developed because of this project are instrumental for the client’s customer acquisition business, which is their highest revenue-generating function.