Project Case Study:

Optimizing the Buyer Journey for a Telecommunications Company

Case Study at a Glance

  • Client: International Networking Equipment and Software Services Supplier
  • Size: Large (1,000 to 9,999 employees)
  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Main Digital Services: Digital Experience Optimization 
  • Deliverables: Customer Journey Maps & Personas

The Opportunity

A rapidly growing global telecommunications networking provider identified an immediate need to analyze and document its Buyer Journeyspecifically looking at the needs of prospective clients, their key interaction points, and their preferences across the sales cycle. The client had added several new product and service lines to their portfolio over the past 24 months, making it crucial to better understand how their customer base was evolving.   

The Main Digital Solution

There were five phases to the project that delivered a successful implementation:  

  1. Intake & Research — Our team began by familiarizing ourselves with the types of accounts and ‘buyers’ that interacted with our client, as well as how internal sales operations served those buyers. This helped us build a more accurate hypothesis around the Buyer Journey, which we would later test across the audience interviews.    
  2. Audience Interviews — By collecting information from buyers and sales teams about their experiences, we were able to identify and further establish the key assets and interactions that turned prospects into buyers. Whether it be a customer who has had a long-standing relationship with our client for 20+ years or one exploring their services for the first time, the audience interviews helped narrow down the key activities.    
  3. Alignment Workshop — No Buyer Journey is the same, but that is why it is so critical to establish the foundational steps of what characterizes their path to becoming a client. This workshop allowed us to provide justification for our findings from subject matter experts before moving forward to ‘map’ the Buyer Journey.    
  4. Journey Mapping – All of the pieces came together as we provided the foundational stages of what defined the Buyer Journey. Furthermore, we identified key inputs, objections, and challenges consistent with each individual stage in a customer’s journey.   
  5. Persona Development – Finally, we provided the different ‘Personas’ of buyers in order to collect our findings into summarized customer profiles that would act as a guide for the client team. Each Persona addressed key questions to provide a better understanding of that buyer. What were their interests? Key preferences? What did they care about when evaluating a potential service provider? Our team answered these questions in a digestible format that will serve as a foundational asset to the client’s internal operations.   

Lasting Results

Main Digital partnered with the client to establish an evidence-based, conceptual baseline that provides line-of-sight into their customers’ goals, needs, and desires.This helped create a reference point for the organization as they continuously strive to identify opportunity areas for process improvement, which will enable their employees to better serve their customers.   

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