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By giving interns meaningful work, we also give them the space and support needed to help them build skills and confidence.

At Main Digital, we’ve built an innovative culture that’s full of curiosity, inventiveness, and collaboration. It’s a quality that makes our environment ideal for eager professionals to learn and grow, including interns and women who have their sights set on working and gaining skills in the technology industry.

Not only do we value the contributions of interns as part of the Main Digital team, but we also fully support the advancement of women in technology-related careers. We target women early in their college careers to help inspire them to pursue the field and help build more diversity in the industry overall. By giving interns meaningful work, we also give them the space and support needed to build skills and confidence, explore their interests and share ideas, while also contributing to our overall success.

Join us in celebrating the success of our interns Carly Klebine and Rosy Sultana. Learn more about their Main Digital experiences below.

Carly Klebine

What were you tasked with as an intern at Main Digital?

“While at Main Digital, I worked on a project where I researched 20 schools and their undergraduate computer science programs. My goal was to discern the level of exposure students had to cybersecurity within their curriculum, as well as seeing which schools offered special programs for cybersecurity. I made use of publicly available knowledge to do so, looking through course catalogues and school webpages to gather this information. I kept track of my finding in Excel.”

What was your biggest takeaway from the experience?

“My biggest lesson learned was with navigating websites and search engines. A lot of times, getting information hinges on how well you can look for it, and I got plenty of practice here. Figuring out when to put a term in quotes, when to use an asterisk, filtering the results, reading websites with subpar layouts — all of those techniques are ones that I’m still using, especially in school.”

Rosy Sultana

What were you tasked with as an intern at Main Digital?

“The project I focused on was primarily researching the merits of setting up a SharePoint communication site for the organization to serve as a message board where information that is relevant to the entire company can be shared in an efficient and organized manner, as opposed to being neglected due to inaccessibility or being lost among other messages. The concept was similar to a social media dashboard where information can be viewed, bookmarked, accessed, and by certain individuals, posted.

In order to complete the task, I got hands on experience with developing project charters and work plans, as well as conducting field interviews with people from within the company to get a better understanding of the current issues, and to determine what the most prevalent issue was that could be resolved with the SharePoint communication site.”

What was your biggest takeaway from the experience?

“My biggest takeaway from this experience was the importance of planning ahead and communicating with team members. Due to the semester long duration of the internship, it was extremely important to have a plan/schedule of what I wanted to achieve and how beforehand to complete the task on time. Had I not done so in the beginning, I would have definitely struggled towards the end, when it came time for scheduling the interviews and working around others’ busy schedules, along with my own.

Also, I truly valued the mentorship provided by Sanam and many other team members as they helped me navigate the process of creating a functioning work plan and being extremely supportive and informative whenever I had any questions. In fact, one aspect that still resonates with me is what Sanam said to me when I first started — that it was okay to make mistakes because now is my chance to learn. That really bolstered my confidence as I took on various challenges during my internship.

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