Project Case Study:

Main Digital Implements RPA Strategy and Setup Using UiPath

Case Study at a Glance

  • Client: International Membership Association
  • Industry: Nonprofit
  • Size: Large organization representing more than 280,000 members in more than 165 countries
  • Main Digital Services: Robotics Process Automation (RPA) Strategy & Setup
  • Methodologies & Tools: UiPath
  • Summary: Over a nine-week period, Main Digital managed the strategy and direction of the client’s automation journey. As part of the requested services, Main Digital reviewed the client’s organization for robotics automation opportunities, refined an action plan for establishing a repeatable and scalable operating model for Intelligent Automation (IA), performed a cross market targeted assessment of viable vendors, and deployed the technical architecture required for the immediate development of robotic processes. 

The Opportunity

In an effort to improve their capabilities, the client previously underwent a process improvement analysis of its finance operations. The results of the analysis indicated valuable opportunities for restructuring and automation within the enterprise.

Upon initial contact with Main Digital, the client sought guidance and support to shape their intelligent automation strategy and roadmap for automation. The client also requested vendor assessment, sourcing, and operational support services to lead the execution of the intelligent automation strategy.

Based on the initial analysis performed, the client identified the following opportunities for automation:

  • Bridge gaps across systems where significant amounts of redundant manual work is still being performed.
  • Redesign processes to align with functional best practices and capitalize on system benefits.
  • Simplify product offerings to reduce need for over-engineered systems.
  • Provide internal controls not currently in place.
  • Enhance business reporting and analytics capabilities for processes where information is difficult to access.

The Main Digital Solution

During the initial weeks of the project, Main Digital worked with the client to define a project strategy that aligned with their needs, which included services designed to enable the following:

Identify processes with automation opportunity

Our team worked to shape and accelerate the client’s automation journey by determining the scope and scale of high priority opportunities for automation across the organization’s finance function, documenting processes for redesign and automation, assessing and prioritizing backlog opportunities, and validating the inputs for the business case and strategic roadmap.

Develop a blueprint model for continued operations

Next, we developed an interim and target state automation governance model to define the ways in which the work will be completed. We also designed a concrete action plan to implement those capabilities at scale and define a systematic approach to evolve and adapt the model through continuous improvement.

Procure an Intelligent Automation Vendor

With a plan of action set, our next step was to review the organization’s information technology (IT) architecture landscape and requirements, so that we could recommend an appropriate vendor, formulate a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software technology sourcing strategy, and deploy software into the client’s environment.

Demonstrate Proof of Value

In the final phase of the project, we worked with the client to create transparency on relevant ongoing and planned initiatives, assess resource change management plans, build team agreement on prioritization, and structure the plan to procure, implement, and operate RPA into a detailed business case and strategic roadmap to show the order and path of automation work.

Lasting Results

Over a nine-week period, Main Digital managed the strategy and direction of the client’s automation journey. In total, 24 automation opportunities were assessed across more than 10 attributes to determine their technical automation feasibility and business value. Of these, seven certification and membership supporting processes were prioritized for development. To determine the appropriate software, a vendor assessment was performed across nine solutions. Main Digital recommended UiPath as a cost-effective solution with the capability to integrate with the client’s existing finance system.

Once the solution was identified, Main Digital gathered the data relative to determining the client’s UiPath sourcing strategy. An RPA solution for continuous automation was built, including six virtual machines (VMs), a cloud-based robot management system, development environments, and procurement of supporting licenses.

By partnering with Main Digital, the client gained operational clarity and felt well positioned to capitalize on value opportunities not formerly perceived across its enterprise. These included opportunities for improved efficiencies through redesign as well as the reduction in cost, risk, and improved insight available using Intelligent Automation.

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