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RPA: Writing the newest chapter in the story of work

RPA is a proven way to help businesses increase efficiencies, improve employee engagement, and remain competitive without compromising quality.

 Many experts will tell you that efficiency is the key to success for any business. Without it, businesses risk losing money, time, and competitiveness. But with so much work these days, how can businesses streamline processes to improve their workflow and ultimately increase their efficiency? The answer is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

 RPA is software technology that makes it easy to build, deploy, and manage automation that emulates human actions interacting with digital systems and software. RPA is a new chapter in the story of work. Check out the video below from our partner UiPath to learn more:


Putting the fun back into work

Just as the video explains, reaching optimal operational efficiency means giving employees the time and flexibility to explore new ideas. This is achievable with RPA. Using key points from the video, here’s more on how:

Make big tasks more efficient

When it comes to some business processes, software robots can operate a lot like people. From understanding what’s on a screen and completing the right keystrokes to navigating systems, identifying, and extracting data and performing a range of actions. However, software robots are faster and more consistent.

Teach the robots to free the humans 

Though RPA can replace human action for some business processes, it doesn’t mean a reduction in force. With RPA, employees waste less time on repetitive, mundane tasks and free up more time for innovation and collaboration — not only between employees, but also between employees and customers. 

Imagine the possibilities 

So, what happens when we stop working and start working with RPA implementation? Businesses win by using robots for automated processes that save money, eliminate human error, and identify opportunities for improvement and growth. Employees win with a renewed focus on their engagement and experience. According to a UiPath report, more than half of surveyed firms report improved employee engagement as a benefit of RPA, along with increased efficiency (86%), deeper insights into customers (67%), and improved customer service (57%). With an effective RPA solution for day-to-day busywork, employees have the space to be more effective at their jobs.

Delve into the potential of RPA for your business

At Main Digital, we blend our business transformation experience and consulting capabilities with UiPath’s powerful software offerings to better help organizations streamline the delivery of services to clients, enhance user experiences, and improve how their people work. Our focus is on allowing people to do what they do best, while technology manages the simple, repetitive tasks for them. 

Whether you’re new to RPA or ready to discuss options for your business, contact our experts to learn how a partnership with Main Digital can help you reduce costs, increase productivity, and better engage your employees.

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